Colorful Feelings

by Kamarius



Previously released in 2012, in 2014 the "Colorful Feelings" album was remixed, remastered and all tuned to 432 Hz (except the bonus track Crossing The Pond).
Our human life has many facets. The Almighty Existence and Consciousness is playing different roles in the path of Self discovery. All the rays are containing all kind of thoughts, feelings, emotions and expressions. And they have so many colors although they shine from the same source and have the power of the same Light.


released August 18, 2012


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Kamarius Constanța, Romania

Welcome into the world of Kamarius Music. Enjoy the sounds of Ambient, Electronic, New-Age, World-Fusion, Meditative, Spiritual, Cinematic, Soundtrack, Experimental Music.
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Track Name: Crossing The Pond (feat. Anji Bee) (bonus track)
Lyrics (Anji Bee):

Know ye not that this life is deceit?
Know ye not that enjoyment is illusion?
Know ye not the world is a passing show?
Know ye not that happiness is a dream?
Know ye not that praise and blame is insubstantial?
Know yet not that appearance is the mind itself?

Know yet not that the mind itself is Buddhahood?
Know yet not that the Buddhahood is the body of truth?

When ye reflect, all appearances are compacted out of mind
Contemplate the mind by day and night
From contemplation of the mind comes beatific vision
Abide in that beatitude

Know ye not that the body of truth is truth itself? (x2)

When ye meditate upon these things
Though ye do not succeed in rooting out desire and hatred
Know that whatever appears is your own mind-stuff
And that the mind itself is void
If ye dwell in wisdom inseparably
All the observances of the law, oblations, and the like
Are thus perfectly fulfilled.

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